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        Report on the Rhodes 22

            a breezy safari through the Rhodes anatomy

        IMF = Inner Mast Furling

           why once you have it you will kill to keep it

        TRIAD Uni-Matic Trailer

            designed by the builder for the Rhodes sailor

        A Slightly Boring Discussion

        of  Construction  Details




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             cruising R 22 and RCR; Rhodes Club Racer

        GB’s Conversion Division

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a quote from the book  SAILING BIG ON A SMALL SAILBOAT published by Sheridan House,

     author Jerry Cardwell writes:

    “From the deep blue ocean to the shallow coves, the Rhodes 22 covers it all.”

                 “ Everyone who has seen my boat loves it;  my sailing instructor, who runs his own charter sailing business, thought it the finest small sailboat he has ever seen.”  

they may be different ages, different colors, different professions, different religions, different sexes, different sizes, come from different parts of the  country, even belong to different parties;  but one joyously amazing sailboat brings them all together.


Yesterday these Rhodies had never met

                               make friends with a Rhodes


  make friends with a Rhodes . . .



     The  Rhodes 22 Sailboat

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