/ $200  per 24 hour day




Two active duty marines set sail from GB’s demo dock on a lush NC creek that will take them to a beautiful river which contributes to Albemarle Sound, part of this countries  largest brackish water estuary.  From there they can make a left and sail off to the Outer Banks without ducking under a single bridge.  Or, they could hang a right for a day’s sail to the small, charming downtown harbor of historic Edenton where they can spend one or two no-charge nights at the town docks, use the first rate facilities and be just a few steps from a day-on-the-water welcome restaurants.

                    “We had a memorable weekend sail that included light, moderate and

                    heavy wind, sun and rain and the Rhodes performed beyond our

                    expectations in ALL those conditions.  Have fun.”

General Boats Sailboat Rental Division has two goals:  To allow perspective buyers to discover on their own if the Rhodes is the best choice for their particular sailing agenda.  And to provide the perfect rental sailboat for those just seeking an outing of fun; a day, an overnight or vacation adventure.

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About Me

First time Rhodes renters?  You are taken on a short sail where Rhodes unparalleled sailing is hands-on demonstrated.  Then  your teacher walks the plank and swims back to the dock and you are on your own.

downtown edenton amongst the big boys   but the Rhodies are having more fun

6’  “V” berth                                                          dinette  converts to 6’ - 6”

                                                                                double bunk       

                                                                                                                                7’ - 4”